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Discover the Ardèche descent in detail

Leave your watch to one side and take the time to discover the Ardèche from Sampzon to Chames.
Our minibuses leave from Camping La Rouvière will take you to our pick-up point in Sampson, with departures scheduled every hour. You’ll enjoy an immersive descent lasting around 3 hours, punctuated by the crossing of 5 slides specially adapted for canoes, navigation through moderate-sized rapids, and the emblematic passage under the Pont d’Arc .

On arrival at our main base at Camping La Rouvière, in addition to recreational facilities such as a beach, bar, snack bar and sanitary facilities, you can extend your experience by choosing from our variousaccommodation options. Whether you prefer a traditional camping pitch, a communal tent, a canvas bungalow, or the comfort of a mobile home, we have what it takes to ensure a relaxing and comfortable stay after your canoeing adventure.

Enjoy a complete experience with our 13 km canoe trip down the Ardèche, and take advantage of accommodation tailored to your needs at Camping La Rouvière, all in a magnificent natural setting.


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Parcours de 13km de la descente de l'Ardèche

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Descent and Lodging Enjoy a memorable escapade on the Ardèche with our 13 km route from Sampzon to Chames. Forget the time and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the region. Our minibuses leave every hour from the Camping de la Rouvière to take you to Sampzon, the starting point of your adventure. On this approximately 3-hour trip, you’ll cross 5 slides specially designed for canoes, navigate moderate-sized rapids and pass under the iconic Pont d’Arc . Once you’ve arrived at our main base at Camping La Rouvière, you’ll be able to enjoy a range of facilities including a beach, bar, snack bar and sanitary facilities. Course of the Experience
  • Departure: Take the minibus from Camping La Rouvière to Sampson.
  • The descent: Experience the thrill of a 3-hour descent, punctuated by slides, rapids and a passage under the Pont d’Arc.
  • Arrival and relaxation: On arrival at Camping La Rouvière, relax on the beach, enjoy the snacks, bar and other amenities.
Included in the Offer
  • All the equipment needed for the descent.
  • Transport by minibus.
  • Camping accommodation with a range of options available.
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